East County Flag Football

Winter 2015!!!

Sunday  9am – 1pm

Week 1 Schedule

Date: 06-07-15
Field 1
Field 2
8:30 amEvil Friends vs ReloadedPlay 40 vs All Talk
9:20 am
All Talk vs Touchies On My BenchPlay 40 vs Pay Dirt Playas
10:10 amPay Dirt Playas vs M.I.N.T.Leading Edge vs The Suicide Squad
11:00 amLeading Edge vs M.I.N.TThe Rooks vs The Suicide Squad
Bye: Several

Week 2 Schedule

DATE: 06-21-15
Field 1
Field 2
8:30 am
Reloaded vs WarriorsFinish Em vs Play 40
9:20 amReloaded vs The MintFinish Em vs Warriors
10:10 amThe Mint vs The Suicide SquadPay Dirt Playas vs Leading Edge
11:00 amTouchies On My Bench vs Super Swerve BrosAll Talk vs Evil Friends
11:50 amTouchies On My Bench vs Evil FriendsAll Talk vs Super Swerve Bros
BYE: The RooksHappy Fathers Day!!!Happy Fathers Day!!!

Week 3 Schedule

DATE: 02-22-15
Field 1
Field 2
8:30 am
Reloaded vs Five ShotsVC vs Finish Em
9:20 amPlay 40 vs The MintVC vs 2nd to None
10:10 amPlay 40 vs The EmpireThe Mint vs Touchies on my bench
11:00 amTouchies on my bench vs The EmpireStreet Smart vs 2nd to None
11:50 pm Street Smart vs Honey BadgersGary's Gardening vs The Rooks
BYE: Vicious and Delicious, Warriors
Split Games: 2nd to None

Week 4 Schedule

DATE: 03-01-15
Field 1
Field 2
8:30 am
Gary's Gardening vs Pay Dirt PlayersWarriors vs 2nd to None
9:20 am
Vicious and Delicious vs WarriorsReloaded vs The Mint
10:10 amVicious and Delicious vs Play 40The Rooks vs The Mint
11:00 amStreet Smart vs The EmpireFinish Em vs Five Shots
11:50 amVC vs Honey BadgersTouchies On My Bench vs Five Shots
Travel Game: Pay Dirt Players (Lincoln)

Week 5 Schedule

DATE: 03-08-15
Field 1
Field 2
8:30 am2nd to None vs ReloadedWarriors vs Garys Gardening
9:20 am
Street Smart vs ReloadedWarriors vs Touchies On My Bench
10:10 amPlay 40 vs VCGarys Gardening vs Touchies On My Bench
11:00 amThe Mint vs Street SmartFinish Em vs The Empire
11:50 amFive Shots vs The EmpireThe Rooks vs Honey Badgers
BYE: Vicious and Delicious
Split Games: Street Smart

Week 6 Schedule

DATE: 03-22-15
Field 1
Field 2
8:00 am
All Talk vs VCPlay 40 vs Finish Em
9:00 am
All Talk vs Play 40Touchies On My Bench vs FInish Em
9:50 amAll Talk vs Vicious and DeliciousTouchies On My Bench vs Reloaded
10:40 amThe Rooks vs Vicious and DeliciousFive Shots vs Street Smart
11:30 pmStreet Smart vs Vicious and DeliciousThe Rooks vs Warriors
12:20 pm The Mint vs The EmpireHoney Badgers vs Warriors
1:10 pm The Mint vs Honey Badgers 2nd to None vs Gary's Gardening

Week 7 Schedule

PLAYOFFS!!!! 07-27-14
Field 1
Games will not start if there is any registration fees due!!!
8:30 am
# 2 Finish Em vs # 3 Eskimo Bros# 2 Blue Falcons vs # 3 Street Smart
9:20 am
# 1 Top Shelf vs Winner
# 1 Play 40 vs Winner

Week 8 Schedule

PLAYOFFS!!! 03-30-14
Field 1
Good Luck to all of our teams!!!!
9:00 am
# 3 Play 40 vs # 6 Blue Falcons
9:50 am
# 4 Street Smart vs # 5 Warriors
10:40 am# 2 High Voltage vs Lowest Number Seed
11:30 am# 1 Mean Machine vs Highest Number Seed
12:20 pmD-1 Title Game!!!!!

Week 9 Schedule

Field 1
Field 2
9:00 am
9:50 am
10:40 am
11:30 pm

Week 10 Schedule

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