Games will be played at  ROBB FIELD!  

Summer 2019!

6-15-19Field 1Field 2  
10:00 amTeam Blue Grass vs Free AgentsEnd Game vs OSS
10:50 amFree Agents vs End GameBlack Knights vs OSS
11:40 amTeam Blue Grass vs Black Knights
Date: 6-22-19Field 1Field 2  
10:00 amOSS vs Team Blue GrassBlack Knights vs End Game
10:50 amFree Agents vs Black KnightsTeam Blue Grass vs End Game
11:40 amOSS vs Free Agents
Split Games: OSS
Date: 6-29-19Field 1Field 2  
10:00 amTeam Blue Grass vs Free Agents
10:50 amTeam Blue Grass vs Black KnightsOSS vs End Game
11:40 amBlack Knights vs OSSFree Agents vs End Game
Split Games: Free Agents
Date: 3-23-19Field 1Field 2  
10:00 amBig Beef vs Double Coverage
10:50 amTeam Blue Grass vs Panda WarfareOSS vs Double Coverage
11:40 amTeam Blue Grass vs OSSPanda Warfare vs Big Beef
Split Game: Big Beef
Date: 3-30-19Field 1Field 2  
10:00 amTeam Blue Grass vs Big BeefPanda Warfare vs OSS
10:50 amTeam Blue Grass vs Double CoverageBig Beef vs OSS
11:40 amDouble Coverage vs Panda Warfare
Split Games: Panda Warfare
Field 1Field 2  
10:00 am #4 Panda Warfare vs #5 Big Beef
10:50 am#2 Team Blue Grass vs #3 Double Coverage
11:40 am#1 OSS vs TBD
12:30 pmD1 Championship!
Field 1Field 2  
9:30 amMutant Genetics vs Run 4 CoverTeam Blue Grass vs Balliticians
10:20 amMutant Genetics vs FARun 4 Cover vs Balliticians
11:10 amMutant Genetics vs MuddogsRun 4 Cover vs Team Blue Grass
12:00 pmMuddogs vs FA
Split Games: FA, Team Blue Grass
PLAYOFFS!!!!! 4-14-18

Field 1Field 2  
10:00 amD-1 Championship
#1 Muddogs vs #2 Team Blue Grass
#4 FA vs #5 Run 4 Cover
11:15 am#1 Mutant Genetics vs Winner 4 vs 5#2 OFFSZN vs #3 Balliticians
12:30 pmD-2 Championship
1:20 pm
Date: 11-18-17
Field 1Field 2  
10:00 amBall Sweat vs All Americans
10:50 amD1 Championship
Honey Badgers vs Winner
11:40 am
Date: 2-8-14Field 1Field 2  
10:00 amVicious & Delicious vs Gold RushDopenasty vs The Net Work
10:50 amMonstars vs DopenastyUnsportsmanlike Conduct vs The Net Work
11:40 amOptimus Swine vs Unsportsmanlike ConductMonstars vs Vicious & Delicious
Split Game: V&D

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