Summer 2021!

6-19-21Field 1Field 2Field 3
11:30 am Galaxy vs Jus Vibe
12:30 pm Lady Slayerz vs Jus Vibe
3-7-20Field 1Field 2Field 3
10:50 amDream Killers vs SD Savages
11:40 am Dream Killers vs Lady Slayerz
3-14-20Field 1Field 2Field 3
10:50 amLady Slayerz vs SD Savages
11:40 amLady Slayerz vs Dream Killers
10-12-19Field 1Field 2Field 3
11:00 amSDR Mollywompers vs Unicorns
12:00 pmPressure vs Unicorns
Date 10-19-19Field 1Field 2Field 3
11:00 amSDR Mollywompers vs Pressure
11:50 am SDR Mollywompers vs Unicorns
Date 10-26-19Field 1Field 2Field 3
11:00 am OSAS vs SDR Mollywompers
11:50 amOSAS vs The PrideUncicorns vs Pressure
12:35 pmThe Pride vs Pressure
Date: 11-2-19Field 1Field 2Field 3
11:00 amThe Pride vs UnicornsSDR Mollywompers vs Pressure
11:50 amThe Pride vs SDR MollywompersUnicorns vs Pressure
Playoffs!!! Field 1Field 2Field 3
10:00 am #2 Unicorns vs #3 SDR Mollywompers
10:50 am #1 The Pride vs #4 Pressure
11:40 amD-1 Championship
DateField 1Field 2Field 3

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